Cueto is the Answer to Boston’s Pitching Woes

Photo Credit: Kirk Irwin - Getty Images

Photo Credit: Kirk Irwin – Getty Images

It’s no secret that the Boston Red Sox are coveting an ace to help ameliorate their pitching woes this year, and if there is anyone to help redeem this atrocious 2015 campaign thus far, it’s Johnny Cueto.

Their restraint of pursuing Cueto, however, remains an issue going forward, as they intend to pursue a younger cast of pitchers instead, according to’s Rob Bradford.

The Red Sox are also expected not to pursue pitchers that are looking for a larger compensation. The ultimate caveat suggests the Red Sox will not find an immediate solution to their pitching by the end of this season.

Cueto, of the Cincinnati Reds, who has been placed on the trading block, has many patrons looking into investing in him for the long term future, including the Astros, Blue Jays, Royals and Yankees.

At only age 29, Cueto marks a laudable 2.73 ERA with 113 strikeouts in 118 innings pitched, posting a 6-6 record this year for the Reds. Keep in mind, this is a pitcher that has sustained a below 3.00 ERA for the past five seasons, while coming off a CY Young campaign that left him second in the voting last year.

There is no need to prepare for the long run, when a pitcher as respectable as Cueto is has yet to even exceed the age of 30.

Fifth in the league in strikeouts last year, fourth in ERA and tied for second in wins, Cueto looks to be right in the prime of his career.

Now is the time to swing for the fences with pursuing Cueto to be the ace the Red Sox so desperately need.

Some say the Red Sox have already located their ace, as Eduardo Rodriguez has received the utmost praise by former Red Sox great Curt Schilling.

Recording a 5-2 record with a 3.59 ERA, the future appears bright for the 22-year-old. But to rely on this youngster to be the ace carrying the load is not fair, nor realistic.

Even a collection of other youth put in the rotation to carry the load is not bound to happen immediately either, especially when there are no ideal candidates to really cultivate from Pawtucket.

There is also the issue of affording the price that comes with Cueto, especially after the mishap with overpaying the unproven Rick Porcello $20+ million per year.

Cueto will probably be seeking out a deal that will pay him over $15 million per year for long term, and with how well he is playing and his emergence into his prime, it’s undoubtedly worth the investment.

Consideration for an offensive star or even a star reliever such as Cueto’s teammate Aroldis Chapman who is expected to leave as well, is not necessary.

Plain and simple, the Red Sox need an ace; it’s absolutely necessary if they want to salvage the season and succeed in the near future.

The expense may be significant, but a veteran like Cueto wouldn’t just fit in cohesively with their rotation, but would also give a better shot at resuscitating the team’s abysmal season thus far.