Op-Ed: A Pistons Fan Take on Josh Smith’s Life Becoming ‘Harder’ in LA

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski - Associated Press

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski – Associated Press

Josh Smith might be a lot of things. He has had up’s and down’s in his career just like any of other NBA, top-to-middle shelf player. Strong on the post, a little shakey on the wing, great from inside, but takes too many long jumper’s… he is a good role player in the right scheme. Smith also is in a rather financially advantageous position right now.

To quote the great Sir Charles, Joe Dumars made a ‘knuckle-head’ decision inking Smith to a ridiculous contract in a terrible scheme in which Monroe, Drummond and Smith would play as a unit without a veteran signal caller at the point. They passed on giving Chauncey Billups a chance to retire a Piston that year; who knows, he might have helped reign Smith in and let the trio work together.

Regardless, Smith was released. I don’t understand the intricacies of NBA contracts but the end result of the cut means that next year Smith will get a tad less then $5 million dollars from the Pistons. With a chunk from the Clippers and a bit from the NBA, you get this $6.5 million dollar figure that Josh Smith will make.

Everyone is writing about his recent quote were Mr. Smith says this – “But at the end of the day, you know, I do have a family. So, it is going to be a little harder on me this year.”

“Really Josh Smith? ARE YOU FOR REAL?” That is what the media is saying to him right now. All caps, bold print, saying- “Josh Smith is a greedy, bad-hair copy of Latrell Spreewell.” Well he is not.

I am from Detroit and I don’t like Josh Smith. However, he did ink a long-term deal here and he did move his family here. He specifically mentions his family in the quote everyone is freaking out about. Josh Smith thought he was going to play with the Pistons until 2020. I really don’t think he is talking about the money.

That short-sighted, mismanaged and just plain bad decision to bring Smith to Detroit through 2020 is affording him the luxury to go for a title with the Clippers on a veteran’s minimum salary. Smith reportedly was offered a chance to resign with the Rockets for $2.5 million for the 2016 season and the Kings were rumored to be talking a long-term deal. What he was trying to say is: not being in Detroit, not-accepting a long-term deal, not staying with the Rockets and being in LA for one year will be harder… on his family.

Josh Smith might ride the coattails of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to a title, but he will not see close to his usual minutes. Also, Paul will shut down those silly long two’s he is so fond of. As Smith is not a lock-down defender and the Clippers were as close as you can get to the finals without him, he will likely be relegated to a very limited role.

It will be harder on his family, but D-Town’s cash will soften the blow. Smith’s comments might not have been well thought out as to how it would play in the media though. He is already seen as a whiner and a poor team mate, why not add insensitivity to the plight of the common man?

The real travesty in all of this is Josh Smith is being paid $5 million dollars to NOT be a Piston. So if the Clippers win it all next year I want an asterisk to denote Detroit’s contribution. You’re welcome LA.